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News: 10. April 2024

Milestone reached in our Propane Storage Tanks Project!

We are pleased to inform you about the following good news in our 240,000 m³ Propane Storage Tanks Extension Project for SP Chemicals (TAIXING) Co., Ltd.

After smooth and efficient gassing up process the two 120,000m³ cryogenic propane storage tanks have been successfully cooled down on 07.03.2024 and 19.03.2024, which represents one of the most important project milestones has been successfully achieved.

Meanwhile, liquid propane levels have been built up inside the two storage tanks T240 & T250, and BOG is re-liquefied by two compressors C380A/B together with propane condensers and economizers. The terminal is operating stably and reliably according to our design.

We would like to express our best thanks to everyone involved in this project, and on this occasion, especially our commissioning team for this great achievement.

The current two propane storage tanks T240/T250 with process area are the extension project of a recent TGE Project (SP Chemicals 400,000m³ Light Hydrocarbon Storage Project), which consists of 3 x 120,000m³ propane/ethane storage tanks with process handling system.

The 240,000 m³ Propane Storage Tanks Extension Project is the fourth TGE project awarded by the same client during last twenty years.

We appreciate very much the client trust on TGE!


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