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Terminals & Storages for LNG

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Terminals and storage facilities for liquefied natural gas are TGE’s core business. As an EPC contractor, we construct terminals such as storage tanks and loading stations for ships and trucks, including elements like refrigeration and regasification or liquefaction units. We install large-scale tanks for up to 200,000 m³ of liquefied gases. With references for all international design codes we can provide our customers from all over the world the best suitable solutions. Having leveraged the expertise developed in such big installations we are also able to offer innovative and tailormade applications with a high level of flexibility for smaller sized plants for liquefied gases. Our work is fast, top-quality and cost-efficient – even in remote locations.

LNG Tanks & Terminals

LNG to Power Plants

ssLNG Bunkering, Virtual LNG Pipelines and other Applications

Terminals & Storages for Petrochemical Gases

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Our cryogenic storage facilities for the import, export, buffer or distribution of liquefied gases ensure the highest level of process efficiency, energy integration and safety. We work with our customers to find the optimal solutions for their specific needs – whether they require facilities for LPG, Ethane, Ethylene, Propane, Propylene, Butadiene, Ammonia or other liquefied gases. 

C2/C3/C4/C5 Petrochemical Tanks & Terminals

Innovations for Clean Energy Applications (ICE)

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Green Ammonia Storage – the future energy carrier

Due to the global energy transition ahead of us, tremendous amounts of green and blue energy will be transported between the continents as a replacement for the current shipments of fossil fuels. This will lead to the requirement of new large-scale infrastructure including tank storage terminals for green energy carriers. In this context Ammonia will play an essential role as future carbon-free energy carrier produced from green or blue Hydrogen. Today Ammonia is an important commodity already and moreover is likely to become a common ship fuel soon. Thus, there is a considerable demand for new Ammonia infrastructure anticipated. This results from the fact that the existing bulk liquid logistic chain cannot just be used or converted to Ammonia service because of several technical and safety issues. Large Ammonia tanks are being developed responding the usual project requirements as the safety level, costs, and time to build. Technically, large Ammonia tanks will need to be designed as steel/concrete instead of the standard steel/steel concept. Further, there are ongoing developments regarding the use of materials and the insulation concept. We have already built several terminals for Ammonia, now we are developing concepts for the storage of more than 100,000 m³. 

Multiproduct Storage Terminals

In the light of a VUCA world and the ongoing initiatives for the decarbonisation of the energy sector, investors and the public are interested in having assets which are flexible in terms of the stored liquid gas (from LNG, LEG, LPG to NH³) or which can be transformed for a second life after LNG service. 

We provide concepts for multiproduct storage terminals which are designed from the first project idea for the storage of different products. This is the right choice to avoid stranded assets and sustainable industrial applications. The CAPEX for a flexible new built installation is certainly higher but still amounts to approximately 20% less than the investments for later conversion / revamp / new built. 

Plant Conversion and upgrade Engineering Services – from LNG to Ammonia

Our Plant Conversion Services enable you to use your existing LNG infrastructure also in the future and to create new revenue streams by Ammonia operation! Our activities comprise product change services, activities to increase the capacities of your facility or debottlenecking. We are continuously developing our solutions to minimize the plant conversion investment of your LNG Terminal to an Ammonia facility.

Gas Processing & Treatment Solutions

TGE has significant reference and experience for processing technologies and package plants such as Boil off Gas treatment units, LNG Recondenser Systems, Vaporizer Packages, Flare gas recovery, Gas Dehydration, Sweetening, Desulphurization, Fractionation and more.

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