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Employee Stories

Job: Process Engineer

Interview with Jan Groznik

Who are you and what do you do at TGE?

My name is Jan Groznik and I originally come from Ljubljana, Slovenia. In Ljubljana, I completed a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering before moving to Trondheim, Norway for a master’s degree in process engineering. I have always been attracted to thermodynamics and, specifically, the field of cryogenics. After completing my master’s degree, I joined TGE in Bonn, where I work as a process engineer.

You started at TGE immediately after graduation – how did you find your way to us?

I have always found the cryogenics field very interesting, but there are not many companies that work in this sector. I was fortunate enough to hear about TGE Gas Engineering and learned that it is one of the leading companies in developing storage systems for liquefied gases. During my bachelor’s degree, I interned for the company and, after my graduation, I applied for a job here.

What attracted you to TGE in the first place?

There are several things that attracted me to TGE, however, I would say that the main reason is the international mindset. Here, at TGE, employees from all over the world work together to achieve common goals. I believe that this cross-cultural expertise will allow me to learn from the best and help me to reach my full potential, to the benefit of the company.