05491 // Propane / Ethane Terminal | Taixing, P.R. China

Taixing, P.R. China

Propane / Ethane Terminal including 3 x 120,000 m³ Tanks

Contract Data


Taixing, P.R. China


SP Chemicals Co., Ltd



Year of Completion:


Contract Scope:


TGE Scope of Work

Basic Engineering for whole Plant

Supervision of Construction

Detail Engineering for Cryogenic Storage Tanks including Detail Design of Piles

Procurement / Delivery of main equipment

Operator Training

Performance Tests

Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning

Storage Tank Data

Storage Capacity:

2 x 120,000 m³ Ethane/ 1 x 120,000 m³ Propane

Tank Type:

Full Containment (steel / concrete)

Design Code:

EN 14620 / API 625

Project Description / Highlights

Each storage tank contains of two send-out pumps to cracker with one future send-out pump and one future ship loading pump

Three propane liquefaction systems

Three ethane liquefaction systems

Ship unloading system 2,000 t/h with two ship unloading/loading arms 12” each and 28” unloading line