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Insight TGE

Insight TGE

Job: Project Manager

Interview with Florian Bakic

We spoke with one of our Project Managers Florian Bakic and asked him what Project Management at TGE is all about. In the video he also talks about his experience on a specific project and what he thinks about TGE as an employer.

What are the requirements to be a project manager and can you give tips to someone considering a career in project management?

You should be a generalist, interested to look left and right, focused on the overall target, and not getting lost in detail. Good technical understanding, commercial attitude, basics contractual/legal understanding and target driven.

What are the biggest challenges in projects?

I would say the complexity and the lack of time. A lot of work has to be started based on preliminary assumptions. If you wait for the final design you are not able to meet the deadlines. You have to deal with a lot of ad-hoc issues and be able to make decisions even if you lack some information.

What makes the projects at TGE special and how do they differ from other products (complexity)?

Typically, TGE projects are unique. We are selected when a project is too complicated or too specific for our competitors. At TGE, the project manager still manages and leads the project, not just administrates it as in many larger organizations.

Which project did you particularly enjoy working for and why?

I really enjoyed working in Hamina, Finland. Reasonable and unagitated way of doing business and incredibly beautiful landscape.


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