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Insight TGE

Insight TGE

Job: Product Development Manager

Interview with Julian Terpitz

Julian comes from our Sales & Business Development department and is responsible for the product development at TGE. In the interview, he gives a little insight into his field of work.

Where does TGE get new product ideas from?

Ideas can come from everywhere, whereas I consider our TGE colleagues as particular valuable source of product ideas. We are certainly talking and listening to our customers, and furthermore continuously monitoring the market for global trends affecting the global economy. Such information come essentially from conferences, information exchange with business partners and online information.

Are there any product developments TGE is working on and if so, is there any information you can share?

For about two years we offer our new product lines “ssLNG to Power”, and “Retrofit Solutions”, both part of our product development process.
The use of LNG generating electrical power will become an essential transition technology from the carbon intense fuels coal and oil to a fully decarbonized industry.

Retrofit Solutions meanwhile merged with other new services in our new business unit “Plant Optimization & Services” to offer our customers support for the existing plants.

These product lines are very close to TGE’s strengths and competences. Since TGE does not sell commodities, we have established cooperation’s with manufacturers to develop unique selling points and exclusively offer better or alternative technical solutions to our customers. For some reasons not all developments are advertised to the market from launch day one, but rather offered to selected customers.

Where do you see the future potentials of TGE, in our existing product lines, or in new products?

Both. Our existing product lines will further be demanded in the future and I see growth in the emerging markets. However, to be successful, we secure our competitiveness including advantageous and new technologies such as the consideration of digital technology during project execution and as part of our delivery.

TGE as a 40 years internationally experienced gas infrastructure provider is in the pole position to offer gas logistic solutions in the field of H2, CO2 and other innovative gases that are going to play a fundamental role in the present century of decarbonization. Governments are just starting to stimulate these markets by significant subsidies and we are evaluating the possible business scenarios.


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