01431 // LNG Terminal | Sines, Portugal

Sines, Portugal

LNG Terminal including 2 x 120,000 m³ Tanks

Contract Data


Sines, Portugal


Transgâs Atlântico, Portugal


TGE / Entrepose /Somague Consortium

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TGE Scope of Work

Authority Engineering

Detail Engineering

Storage Tank Data

Storage Capacity:

2 x 120,000 m³

Tank Type:

Full Containment

Design Code:

BS 7777 and EN1473

Project Description / Highlights

The terminal is designed for a turn-over of 5,2 109 Nm³ of natural gas per year equivalent to 600,000 Nm³/h at a pipeline pressure of 77 to 80 barg at a high availability level.

The NG send-out system is designed for a peak send-out of 900,000 Nm³/h. The send-out system consists of submerged in-tank pumps, high-pressure booster pump station, five open rack vaporizers each with a capacity of 180 tons/h and a metering station.

LNG vaporization system incl. sea water intake equipped with sea water filtering runs, sea water pumps and electro chlorination system.