05226 // Ethylene Terminal | Shangdong, P.R. China

Shangdong, P.R. China​

Ethylene Terminal including 1 x 50,000 m³ Tank

Contract Data


Qingdao, Shangdong, China


Qingdao Haijing Chemical Co. Ltd.


TGE / SNEC Sinopec Ningbo Engineering Co. Ltd.

Year of Completion:


Contract Scope:


TGE Scope of Work

Basic Engineering

Detail Engineering


Construction Supervision

Operator Training & Start-Up

Storage Tank Data

Storage Capacity:

50,000 m³

Tank Type:

Full Containment

Design Code:

EN 14620

Project Description / Highlights

Basic Engineering for the tank farm, Detail Engineering for 50,000 m³ full containment Ethylene Storage Tank

Procurement of complete steel materials for Ethylene storage tank both for inner and outer tank plus internals and insulation materials

Procurement for rotating equipment including refrigerant compressor, compressor, vertical reciprocating labyrinth, Ethylene in-tank LP pump, Ethylene HP pump

Ship loading/ unloading arm

Instrumentation and technical services of design supports, installation, training and commissioning