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05839 // Propane Terminal | Taixing, P.R. China

Taixing, P.R. China

Propane Terminal including 2 x 120,000 m³ Tanks

Contract Data


Taixing, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China


SP Chemicals (Taixing) Co., Ltd.



Year of Completion:


Contract Scope:


TGE Scope of Work

Basic and detail engineering

BOG handling and send-out system / BOG compressor system (skid mounted screw compressors)

Delivery of intank pumps

Construction supervision

Pre-stress system materials for concrete wall

Terminal & Storage Tank Data

Storage Capacity:

2 x 120,000 m³

Tank Type:

Concrete / Steel / Full Containment 

Design Code:

EN 14620

Project Description / Highlights

As trusted contractor of client to execute the EP+CS contract of extended additional 2 x 120,000 m³ ethane/propane tanks based on the executed cryogenic storage facilities by TGE which incl. 1 x 30,000 m³ ethylene tank in Phase I and 3 x 120,000 m³ ethane / propane tank plant in Phase II.