05566 // Ethylene Terminal | Meghna Economic Zone

Meghna Economic Zone, Bangladesh

Ethylene Terminal including 1 x 20,000 m³ Tank

Contract Data


Meghna Economic Zone, Bangladesh


Meghna PVC Limited



Year of Completion:


Contract Scope:


TGE Scope of Work

Basic Engineering

Detail Engineering

Procurement of main tank materials and key equipment

Construction Supervision

Commissioning Supervision

Storage Tank Data

Storage Capacity:

20,000 m³

Tank Type:

Full Containment (steel/steel)

Design Code:

API 620



Project Description / Highlights

The Cryogenic Ethylene Storage Plant is part of Meghna PVC Ltd., Bangladesh 150,000 t/a PVC Resin New Project (Ethylene Process), which shall import ethylene from barges. The Ethylene is delivered via intank pumps to a downstream plant after regasification. The Terminal has one fully refrigerated Ethylene tank with a design capacity of 20,000 m³, ship unloading facility, Ethylene re-liquefaction system, Ethylene evaporation and superheating system, send-out system and all other plant components and equipment required for a safe and reliable operation. The Terminal is designed for receiving warm Ethylene, when the Ethylene is delivered in barges without refrigeration unit.