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Shanghai CIMC TGE Gas Engineering Co., Ltd

Unit 1203, 12th Floor
370 Pudian Road
200122 Shanghai

T: +86 21 3880 9500
F: +86 21 6418 3069


After having started the China business already in 1988 with Jiangnan (JN) shipyard for the 1st gas carrier “Kunpeng Hao”, TGE opened in 1995 the German TGE Gas Engineering GmbH Shanghai Representative Office. Since then the member of staff continuously grew in line with the amount of contracts signed in China.

In 1996 TGE signed the first EPC onshore contract in Jinshanwei for an LPG import terminal with 2 x 50,000 m³ double containment LPG tanks for the client “Shanghai Colden Conti” – a Sino-Japan and American joint venture.

With the establishment of the TGE Shanghai Office, the company has taken a decisive strategic step into the Chinese energy market. TGE has since then delivered more than 30 projects for storage of Ethylene, Propylene, LPG and LNG in the contracting model of Engineering, EPC and EP+S, with many “firsts” along the way.

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