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New Delhi

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TGE Gas Engineering Private Ltd.

Unit No. 378-380, 3rd Floor
Office Block, Block B
Plot No. 6, Sector 14, Dwarka
New Delhi – 110075

T +91 11 69036903

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In 2008, the Indian economy was already on the rise including a Government focus to increase the share of natural gas in its energy basket. India had its first of LNG import Terminals in operation and many more in the planning stage. The national gas pipeline network was under expansion and it was evident that cryogenic storage had a big role to play in the future of India. With bright market prospects, in January 2009, we established our wholly owned subsidiary TGE Gas Engineering Private Limited in New Delhi. Thereafter, TGE India has been busy bidding for cryogenic storage projects, carrying out feasibility studies for LNG terminal and City Gas Distribution projects and performing engineering works for storage facilities in the petrochemical business sector.
Today TGE India is well positioned to play a valid role in our TGE-Group to strongly support TGE´s holding business development department for upcoming business opportunities inside India with a plan to start dedicated smart detail engineering operations from India.

Managing Director India Branch

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