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Technodyne International Limited

Black Horse House
8–10 Leigh Road, Eastleigh
Hampshire, SO50 9FH

T +44 23 8062 9929
F +44 23 8601 3113


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Technodyne was founded, in its current form in 1995, and developed an expertise across a number of different areas, including tank design. TGE had subcontracted work to Technodyne on more than 25 projects between the late 1990s to 2010, including the Sines expansion in 2008. As the relationship developed and TGE business expanded, it became obvious to TGE that they needed to increase their internal tank engineering resource, and so they fully acquired Technodyne in 2011.

This increased TGE’s capability and took a potential competitor out of the marketplace. Technodyne not only came with a skilled team of engineers and technicians but also with its own clientele as well, which enables Technodyne to bring engineering solutions and increased revenues to the TGE table. Technodyne continues to function as TGE’s tank designer but also continues to serve other clients.

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