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TGE Gas Engineering GmbH

Mildred-Scheel-Str. 1
53175 Bonn

T +49 (0) 228 60448 0
F +49 (0) 228 60448 893

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The history of TGE begins in December 1980 with the founding of Liquid Gas International GmbH (LGI) in Bonn. The engineers and founders Horst Schirack, Dr. Alfred Neugebauer and Vladimir Puklavec – one of today’s TGE shareholders – decided to put their know how, expertise and practical experience together and to open new paths for the oil-, gas and shipping industries by a novel concept of ideas. In the beginning, the company specialized in the construction of liquefaction units for gas tankers. With the construction of a 2 x 25,000 m³ LPG terminal in Taiwan, at the end of the 1980s, the company received its first land contract and thus laid the foundation for today’s business.

In 1992, the 100% takeover by the Belgian Tractebel Group took place, in the course of which the company name was changed to “Tractebel Gas Engineering” (TGE). In the year 2001, the company entered the LNG business by building the LNG Sines Terminal in Portugal.

In 2007, the onshore and offshore businesses were separated in the today well-known companies TGE Gas Engineering GmbH and TGE Marine Gas Engineering GmbH and sold as independent companies.

Since 2008, China International Marine Container Co., Ltd. (CIMC) has been holding a 60% stake where the other 40% are owned by Gasfin SA with its majority shareholder and original LGI and TGE founder Vladimir Puklavec.

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