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Ethics & Compliance

Compliance System

Compliance with laws, guidelines and ethical standards relies heavily on our employees. That is why the main cornerstone of TGE´s compliance management system is communication and transparency, which is reflected in the fact that compliance measures such as training, reporting and risk-assessments are purely based on personal interaction. To ensure this, we have created a decentralised system with different responsibilities and roles.

1. Training & Workshops

Training and workshops are the best way to create the required awareness relating to the specific compliance areas. We regularly train our employees in the following topics, including but not limited to: Corruption, Anti-Trust, Conflict of Interests, Fraud, Intellectual Property, IT-Law, Social Security Law, Product Liability, Blackmailing and Human Rights.

2. Compliance Digital

As a modern company, we are constantly trying to digitalise processes. With the “Digital Compliance” area, we try to communicate the most important compliance topics to employees in a digital form.

3. Risk Assessments

In order to prevent compliance violations and to react professionally and quickly in case of an incident, we regularly conduct corporate-wide risk assessments.

4. BPDD – Business Partner Due Diligence

To ensure a clean business partner chain, we regularly check our business partners on legal conformity before and during the business relationship.

5. Audits

To ensure an effective and up to date compliance system, we audit our established compliance processes regularly

Compliance Reporting Channel

An important element in our decentralised reporting system is the integration of the ombudsman’s office. In this way, transparent, unfiltered and anonymized reporting of compliance violations is guaranteed for employees as well as for business partners.

Name: Mr. Franz Pira
Phone Number: 02642 210216


 We regularly share our compliance expertise, among others in the areas of compliance organisation, compliance process management, compliance measures as well as anti-corruption protection, with external companies.

1. Management Circle

TGE´s Corporate Compliance & Data Privacy Representative conducts the event “Personal Liability of the Compliance Officer” at the external training provider “Management Circle”. Management Circle AG: Seminar: Persönliche Haftung des Compliance Officers

2. VDMA Working Group “Compliance”

TGE´s compliance team is a member of the VDMA working group “compliance”, which represents a compliance expert forum that regularly exchanges information on the latest compliance trends and drafts guidelines for other member companies regarding specific compliance topics.


Code of Conduct for Business Partner

Benefits Guideline

Modern Slavery Statement


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