TGE as Employer

Our company's success is driven by the high quality working performance of our employees. The skills, talents and experience of our employees are the most valuable commodities that our company possesses and are therefore of the greatest importance.

All employees are provided with a proven training programme aligned to their function that is directed and overseen by senior staff. This comprehensive training programme is enjoyed by all new staff members, irrespective of whether they are entering their profession for the first time, are students or are experienced professionals. In all our branches across the globe, we support and encourage cultural diversity and meet every challenge together as a team. We want and value motivated employees who are able to develop their own ideas and will help to shape the future of our company.

We reward and promote our employees qualifications and experience by giving them the opportunity to work within our interesting and challenging projects, which include versatile tasks with a high degree of personal responsibility, good prospects for development, supporting training opportunities, flexible working hours and attractive social benefits.

We are committed to a corporate culture that is characterised by appreciation and social responsibility; and we are part of a multicultural team that involves global exchange between our employees in a growing market.

TGE Work-Life-Balance

There should always be a healthy balance

between employees working lives & private lives

We have created a working environment in which each individual employee can achieve an optimum work-life balance, benefitting both themselves and the company. We offer individual and flexible working time policies and home office, which enable our employees to combine the needs and demands of their family lives with those of their working lives to the fullest extent. In addition, we support and promote a range of social events and sporting activities such as company runs, to honour performance and to strengthen the TGE community within. We place great importance on the well-being of our employees.


TGE is dedicated to a company culture that respects to the maximum extent the principles of business ethics and applicable law.

The cornerstone of TGE's compliance system is the company's Code of Conduct, the implementation of which is carefully guided and overviewed by its Compliance Officer.

TGE is convinced that its commitment to its corporate values will drive growth and prosperity not only for TGE, but also for all our business partners.

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