Terminals & Storages for LNG

We have 40 years of experience in the design, procurement and construction of cryogenic storage facilities for liquefied gases. Since our entry in the LNG Terminal business in 2001 our services and solutions for export and import terminals for Liquefied Natural Gas are geared to accommodate the increasing worldwide demands for clean energy. TGE has designed and installed 3 Million m³ of LNG storage, over 13 MMTPA of LNG Regasification capacity and over 3 MMTPA Small-Mid Scale LNG production capacity.

TGE acts as a flexible, competent and strong global partner.

We provide

LNG import & export terminals

installed: 30,000 - 160,000 m³

Storage tanks

designed from 5,000 - 260,000 m³

Storage tanks

installed from 1,200 - 160,000 m³


for all relevant design codes

Our References

Zhoushan LNG Terminal / Phase I

2 x 160,000 m³ Tanks

Vysotsk LNG Terminal

1 x 42,000 m³ Tank

Guangdong LNG Terminal

1 x 160,000 m³

Inner Mongolia LNG Terminal

1 x 30,000 m³

Shenzen LNG Terminal

4 x 160,000 m³

Shenzen LNG Peak Shaving Terminal

1 x 80,000 m³ Tank

Sines LNG Terminal

2 x 120,000 m³ Tanks / 1 x 150,000 m³

Reganosa LNG Terminal

2 x 150,000 m³ Tanks