Small-Mid Scale Natural Gas Liquefaction Plants

TGE has developed innovative solutions for small and medium scale liquefaction of natural gas. TGE also works together with well-known international partners to provide cost effective state of the art solutions that are tailored to our customer’s requirements and suitable for small-to-medium scale LNG production.

  • Small-to-medium scale LNG production plants and LNG supply chain solutions from well head / pipeline to consumer
  • Gas treatment – filtering, compression (if required), purification, Removal of CO2, Sulfur and trace impurities (mercury), Gas dehydration
  • Small scale bio gas / pipeline gas liquefaction up to 100.000 tons / year
  • Mid-scale LNG production up to 1 Mio. tons / year
  • Modular arrangement – skid mounted with high degree of prefabrication and preassembly