Project Management

For decades TGE successfully offers a wide range of supplies and services for investment projects as an engineering contractor to our customers in the international industries. In most cases the magnitude, the complexity and the required reliability of project execution is extremely demanding.

To meet these ambitious demands TGE recognises the “Skill of Project Management” as a key driver for business success – both, for us as well as for the investors. Hence, our corporate structures as well as our processes and working methodologies are consistently focused to apply internationally recognised and “State-of-the-Art” Project Management processes suitable to provide turn-key solutions in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of industrial plants and facilities.

Focus on responsibility

TGE’s understanding of “Projects” is in compliance with international standards. Accordingly a Project always is a temporary endeavour undertaken for our customers to create a unique result with respect to accomplish the project targets defined as cost, quality, execution time as well as customer satisfaction.

Project Management at TGE covers the entire sequence of a project – from the proposal phase throughout to the after sales phase. It utilises the full range of our technical and organisational competences within our global organisation to make it available to our customers. Also it facilitates the required interface coordination and team play between all stakeholders of a project – both, internally and externally towards our customers, subcontractors and cooperation partners.

All our people working in Project Management are familiar with our Project Management practices. They are proven to be qualified and experienced for professionally executing their duties and authorities pursuant to their individual roles within their Project Management Teams.

Our Project Managers are TGE’s “face” to the customer. They are fully responsible to achieve the project targets in all respects. Therefore, for the purpose of the project, they are considered “Managing Directors for a defined period of time”. Consequently our Project Managers not only have tasks, duties and responsibilities. More than that they are empowered to organise and lead their project teams and they are vested with the authority to make decisions on our behalf.