Procurement at TGE Gas Engineering covers the whole process chain of project–procurement, from actual inquiries, orders, order-processing, expediting, forwarding and shipping.

TGE’s procurement strategy is globally oriented based on professional experience, long-term relationships with key suppliers, mutual trust and respect.

Our deep understanding of international markets and our relationships with key suppliers enables us to provide the best materials and services on schedule and on budget. As a result, we have successfully delivered challenging projects around the globe.

With global procurement for strategic purchasing, expediting, forwarding and shipping being located in Bonn, Germany and local procurement office in Shanghai, China we have the resources and knowledge to locate, evaluate, purchase, expedite, inspect and ship materials and services to any place required.

As our procurement staff is not only familiar with global and local markets but also with customs, environmental regulations, local requirements and laws TGE Procurement provides hands-on and tailor-made service for the benefit and success of the project.

Procurement is generally based on German Law, especially German Civil Code (BGB) and Commercial Code (HGB) – In case of special conditions with our clients, depending on the individual project, special project purchase conditions are created (to ensure important conditions with client are agreed “back to back” with relevant suppliers) and integrated in the ERP System for the project purchase orders.

General Purchase Conditions - E

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