Package Plants / Gas Treatment

Package Plants

TGE has produced a line of package plants using elements of the core product lines used on previously completed facilities, including small gas processing and treatment plants.

These plants arrive on site virtually ready to start operating and are built to minimise the day-to-day attention required to operate the equipment. Other major advantages of package plants are their compact size, cost effectiveness and potential savings on onsite installation costs. These features make TGE package plants more attractive for customers that require modular solutions.

Package plants include
  • LNG Recondenser systems for LNG terminals.
  • Gas dehydration units for LNG underground storages.
  • Glycol regeneration units.
  • Boil Off Gas re-liquefaction units.
  • Compressor units.
  • Heat exchanger units – Vaporisers.
  • Flare Gas Recovery Units.
  • NGL Recovery and Cryogenic Separation Units.

Gas Treatment

Another TGE core competence for more than 35 years, has been the handling of all gas processing technologies – environmentally friendly and economic.

Gas and oil separation, degassing, hydrocarbon and dew point control, condensate recovery and stabilisation plants.

  • Gas dehydration plants using glycol absorption, solid bed adsorption, refrigeration, turbo expanders, heat pumps and vortex technology.
  • Gas treatment plants for sour gas removal using amine absorption and solid bed adsorption.
  • Recovery and fractionation plants for hydrocarbons (LPG/NGL) and condensates.
  • Nitrogen rejection plants.
  • Thermal oxidizers with optional waste heat recovery.