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We are experts for Terminals & Storages for liquefied gases. Our day to day business is the EPC contracting of large-scale terminals including storage tanks, ship un-/loading facility on jetty or at kay, truck / container loading station and all further related elements like refrigeration and regasification or liquefaction units. We have installed tanks with sizes from 1,200 m³ to 180,000 m³ for all kind of liquefied gases such as, LNG, LPG, Ethylene, Propylene, Butane, Ammonia Butadiene, Ethane. With references for all international design codes we can provide our customers from all over the world the best suitable solutions. Having leveraged the expertise developed in such big installations we are also able to offer innovative and tailormade applications with a high level of flexibility for smaller sized plants for liquefied gases. We have developed LNG plant solutions with a high level of standardization allowing fast-track and cost-effective delivery suitable even for remote locations. Depending on the individual project the modular approach allows optimized execution by maximizing either prefabrication or in-situ construction. All facilities can be offered for stand-alone operation.




Terminals & Storages for LNG

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All diciplines in-house with minimized interfaces

Feed development from EPC perspective

Proven track record for highest HSE standards

Start-up on time through accurate time planning

Transparent project communication

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6 Mio

m³ Storage Capacity Built

1,200 - 160,000

Tanks Built from (m³)

1,200 - 250,000

Tank Design (m³)


Earth Covered Tanks


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