LNG as Fuel

In collaboration with our shareholder CIMC Enric we have entered the innovative business for "LNG as a Transport Fuel" applications.


We offer:

LNG/CNG Fueling Stations for Road Vehicles

  • Turnkey solution including LNG supply and operstaion can be provided with partners
  • We can refer to CIMC experience who built more than 100 fueling stations in 2016/2017
  • LNG logistic supply via telemetric remote control

LNG Fueling Cylinder System for Heavy Duty Road Vehicles

  • Fast, easy conversion
  • Easy and safe operation through easily accessible control valves
  • Service friendly construction - reduced spare part variety
  • High process realiability - while refueling or on cold start
  • Pressure building unit (PBU)
  • Strong frame construction which can be used as a frame for a storage box or a climbing aid