TGE believes that leadership plays an essential role in the successful execution of projects in a safe, efficient and economical manner.

TGE Promotes

  • Leadership as an important and essential part of TGE’s values
  • Common leadership rules and methods based on the same basic elements worldwide
  • High standard of relationship and communication between employees

Management & Team

Markus Ecker

  • Degree in Chemical Process Engineering
  • Joined the company in 2004
  • Appointed Head of Engineering 2013
  • Appointed Member of Executive Board in 2013
  • Appointed CEO in 2017

Klaus Nussbaum
Director Finance

  • Degree in Accounting and Finance
  • Joined TGE in 1985
  • Granted special power of attorney in 1993
  • Appointed Member of Executive Board in 2009

Jürgen Scheidt
Director Project Execution

  • Industrial Economist
  • Joined TGE in 2011
  • Granted commercial power of attorney
  • Appointed Member of Executive Board in 2013

Marcus Witt
Director Commercial

  • Master of Business and Engineering
  • Joined TGE in 2004
  • Nominated Secretary of the Executive Board 2011
  • Received commercial procuration 2013
  • Appointed Member of Executive Board in 2013

Sun Hongli
Director Corporate Relation

  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Joined CIMC group in 1994 and held a number of positions in the group
  • Appointed Deputy General Manager TGE Shanghai in 2009
  • Appointed Member of Executive Board 2013
  • Director of Board of Directors TGE and Technodyne Ltd. in 2013

Richard Gadd
Director Sales & Business Development

  • BA (HONS) Landscape Architecture
  • Joined TGE in 2001
  • Appointed Member of Executive Management Board in 2015

Carl-Otto Pross
Managing Director OU SHA

  • Master Degree in Business Administration & Degree in Electrical Engineering
  • Joined TGE in 1995 and has held a number of positions in various locations
  • Appointed Deputy General Manger (OU SHA) in 2010
  • Appointed Managing Director (OU SHA) in 2013
  • Appointed Member of Executive Management Board in 2015

Nuno Goncalves
Director Storage Tank Interface

  • Master in Civil Engineering
  • Joined TGE in 2013
  • Appointed Member of Executive Management Board in 2015

Supervisory Board

Gao Xiang

Mr. Gao Xiang, aged 46, joined CIMC Enric Group as the General Manager in January 2009 and was appointed as an Executive Director in September 2009.

From 1999 to 2008, Mr. Gao was the General Manager of Tianjin CIMC North Ocean Containers Co., Ltd, Tianjin CIMC Containers Co., Ltd, Tianjin CIMC Logistic Equipment Co., Ltd, Tianjin CIMC Vehicles Sales and Service Center and Tianjin CIMC Special Vehicles Co., Ltd, respectively.

Mr. Gao was also an Assistant to the President of CIMC from 2004 to 2008. He functions as director in certain investment groups of CIMC Enric.

Liu Chunfeng

was appointed as general manager of ENRIC in April 2015. He graduated from Shandong University of Technology (now known as Shandong University), majoring in mechanics with a postgraduate qualification in mechanical production, and is a senior engineer. Mr. Liu joined CIMC in 1989 as an engineer and was the manager of various departments in certain subsidiaries of CIMC and the general manager of the technology management department of CIMC from 1993 to 2010. He is the general manager of Nantong CIMC Tank Equipment Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company from May 2010 to March 2015. He holds directorships in certain subsidiaries of the Company and CIMC.

Vladimir Puklavec

Vladimir Puklavec served as CEO of TGE Gas Engineering for 27 years. During Tractebel-Suez ownership of the company, he was a member of the Executive Committee of Tractebel Engineering for four years.

He led the MBO when the company was acquired from Tractebel-Suez Group and is a main shareholder of the Gasfin Group. Mr. Puklavec holds a degree in mechanical engineering.

Werner Schlott

  • Degree in Design Engineering
  • Joined TGE in 1986, and has since then held a number of positions in the business which have been key to growth
  • Appointed Deputy Managing Director in 2007
  • Appointed Managing Director in January 2009
  • Appointed CEO in 2010