Application Tipps

In the following you find our advice for a successful application – first impression counts. Your application should be structured, error free and complete. We would prefer to receive your application as a pdf. Your documents should contain your current CV and your relevant certificates. Some helpful advice: You should give your documents to a second pair of eyes for proof-reading, to ensure their correctness.

Remember that your application is the only thing, we know about you, therefore try to present your career well structured.

Cover letter

Please let us know, how you came across us and why TGE Gas Engineering is the employer of your choice. Your cover letter should not exceed one A4 page. Summarise your achievements and tell us about your career. Ensure your cover letter is error free. Please inform us about your earliest possible starting date and your salary expectations.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Your CV is chronological and should not have any gaps. There is no need to hesitate with times of job searches. To have a better understanding of your previous vocational fields of activity, please list the most important activities in your career. Please do not forget to state your contact details.

Application Process

As soon as we receive an application, we review it and send a confirmation of receipt. Subsequently all applications will be forwarded to the right department, which will let us know, if a candidate will receive an invitation for a personal interview.

After the selection process is completed, every applicant will be informed about the result and all submitted files will be destroyed completely.


Attachments are the essential part of a significant application and are evidence to your qualifications and experiences. Please arrange your attachments chronological. Attachments contain: job references, internship certificates, Bachelor-, Master’s degree or diploma certificate incl. an overview of your grades and all other important certificates. (A copy of your work permit – if relevant)


We appreciate a current photo of you. However, this is optional and neither advantageous nor disadvantageous.

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