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Based on experience

TGE Gas Engineering GmbH (TGE) is one of the world‘s leading contractors for projects for the storage and handling of liquefied gases for the energy and petrochemical / chemical industries.

TGE has experience of more than 30 years in its field of business from the initial concept / feasibility study to the turn-key lump-sum execution of complete projects as the main partner for our customer. Our target is to provide to our customer the knowledge of „millions of m3“ executed liquefied gas storage and to be added value to the projects of our customer.

TGE is a technology focused company and is worldwide active with their operation units offices in Europe and Asia region.

Founded in 1980, TGE has substantially expanded its expertise over recent years, becoming a major force in the market. TGE was part of the Suez Group for many years. In 2008, China International Marine Container Co., Ltd. (CIMC), headquartered in China, became a major shareholder of TGE.

With the strong industrial partner CIMC, TGE is in the position to provide the best solutions for its customers worldwide. TGE sees itself as a long-term partner and solutions provider.